Because we're worth it

Over the years I have spent £££ on shampoos and conditioners. And I have come to the conclusion that it is literally money down the drain. I now always end up with either Elvive colour care or Herbal Essences. Yes, I go for the ones with the worst adverts.

I have learnt that with coloured hair, you really do need to use shampoo and conditoner formulated for coloured hair. I know it's tedious but it does make a difference. And the Elvive one really does make my hair soft and shiny. It smells nice too - sort of expensive. I also have the intense mask but I can't ever really be arsed to use it.

Herbal Essences makes a few shampoos for coloured hair. I can't go near the fruit fusions - they smell foul. The floral ones and very heavily scented but again, they do work. They don't work quite as well as Elvive but I still like them. They are great for holidays as they are so cheap, you can just leave the bottles in the hotel on your last night (all the more room and weight for your holiday shopping).


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