A current obsession

It's important in the world of cosmetics to have current obsessions. This is actually true in almost every area of life - especially TV programs - but I digress.

My current obsession in make-up is with Bourjois eye liners of the sparkly variety. I came across them while browsing in Boots of a Saturday. Eye liner for me is all about texture. I cannot stand ones that feel like a heavy lead pencil with barely any colour coming out of them. And I don't like big thick ones that end up being more of an eye shadow but kind of gloopy. No, it is important that they are soft yet fine. And this is hard to find. I have been using MAC powerpoints (named after a Microsoft program - weird) for some time but even they didn't quite fit the bill.

Now the Bourjois ones are soft, fine and last all day! Yippee. It's like finding the holy grail. And they are cheap - less than £5 I believe. So cheap I bought two. One in an aquamarine and one in a lovely mid brown but with sparkle. Several people (ok, two) have commented on my eyes since I have been wearing them.

Run, don't walk, and get some and don't forget to thank me for the tip.


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