Friday, 20 May 2016

Becca Backlight Primer

I am obsessed with primers. Anything to make the make up stick on my skin for longer is a bonus and must be invested in. My newest discovery is this baby from Becca. It's very lovely, the texture is light, it has a subtle sheen and it works a treat. It's really good, I wore it with a touch of concealer and it was enough of a base.

What concealer you ask? Why this one.

Amazing concealer it's called, and it is! It's highly pigmented so you hardly need any. I am a big fan. The Cult Beauty site is my weakness. I really must stop perusing it.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Nail colour of the week

Today I discovered &OtherStories beauty department. More of which in due course. I bought one nail varnish to check quality etc before going mad.

The colour is called Vintage Denim. I can never resist blue. This one is a perfect dusty blue for Spring. I like it a lot. Quality-wise, of course you know you're not using YSL grade polish but it's ok once the second coat goes on. The brush is easy to work with. They don't appear to be on their site anywhere which is odd so I think you're out of luck unless you are in London as I don't think they have shops anywhere else in the UK.


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