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Jo Loves

Jo Loves is by Jo Malone. I decided to treat myself after numerous hints for my birthday didn't work. I read about this Graffiti body spray in a magazine and knew I had to try it.

Because I love Grapefruit scented products, I chose that one but it comes in other flavours although the thought of Tuberose or Fig makes me want to heave but whatever floats your boat.

I love this, it's been perfect for this long hot summer and the scent lasts really well. It cools you down as well. I've not used a body spray since my teenage days of Impulse and I'd forgotten how nice they can be for a subtle, all-over saturation of very light fragrance. I can't see me using this in the deep and dark days of winter but for summer and holidays, it's lovely.

I also bought a fragrance paint brush.

I chose White Roses and Lemon Leaves which was nice enough but a bit of an obvious scent to my nose (I ordered these online). I love the portability of this, I took it into work and brushed it…

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