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This summer seems to be serious. I've become so used to English summers that I tend not to bother with self-tan since it's usually too cold to wear anything to show it off. But after a glorious May, June and July (so far), I decided it was time to move from milk bottle white to off white.

First of all, I tried this.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower. It's a bit odd as a concept. You wash in the shower, turn off the shower and apply this lotion. Wait three minutes and rinse it off. I went with 'light' and yes, it's for the timid because it took several applications for me to notice anything. Eventually I decided my legs were showing some very natural looking colour. This is great if you don't want any mistakes and want to go slow. It's annoying waiting in the shower for three minutes. I found myself thinking it needed a good clean which isn't very relaxing.

Then last week, I ordered this.

Beauty Pie's Awesome Bronze mousse. This has changed my life. …

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