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Simplehuman sensor mirror aka the magic mirror

Before we begin, this is expensive and you're going to want it. I am going to say it upfront and I am sorry except I am not because this could change your life. I've waited four years to splurge on this because every time I went to buy it, I couldn't quite justify £159 on a mirror.

I've had mine for four days and I am obsessed with it. This is a big magnifying mirror with natural light built in on a sensor. I have a huge mirror in my dressing room/office and very pretty it is too but putting make-up on in the depths of winter is something of a challenge, I switch on every light and still end up squinting at myself in the dimness thinking, is that blended? Do I look like a clown? Sometimes I've thought, no, it's all good and then sallyed forth into the world only to realise it wasn't good.

All that is a thing of the past. You sit down, the mirror lights up beautifully and off you go. Honestly, it's genius. Yes, it's expensive but worth it. If you alr…

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