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A word about REN

I've always liked REN beauty but tend to forget about it. However, a few things reminded me. Firstly, I have finally managed to get a bathroom renovated. This has been months in the making, it was going to be the shower room but at the last minute, I decided I needed a bathing boudoir and so I did the attic bathroom. This is a tiny little room and it was unusable. Now it's a pink, bathing heaven.

It's been a slog getting this room done and I won't bore with you with the details but I think we can all agree that a new bathroom needs new products.
Then Caroline Hirons posted a 20% code for REN and the deal was done.
The classic Moroccan Rose Otto body wash. The last time I had this, it was a present from my mum so it's been a while. You may have noticed my new bathroom is pink. Very, very pink. I wanted it to feel like a haven and a retreat and it really does. I lie there in rose scented bubbles admiring my excellent taste.
I also purchased some skincare. Ready Stead…

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