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Beauty round-up

Apologies for not posting in a while. I hope to atone by sharing lots of goodies I have recently acquired or played with. I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and made the most of the beauty opportunities available to me.

As always when I fly, I get my moisturiser packing all wrong. This is most frustrating since I have a lot of moisturiser. Maybe it's subconscious though so I feel justified in buying more.

I bought this Sunday Riley Tidal cream because the week before I was reading some beauty writer saying this is what she would use all the time if she could have it for free. Even with the crappy exchange rate, most beauty is cheaper in the US. Even so, they didn't give me this in Sephora sadly. However, I can report that it's marvellous. It sinks in immediately, no grease whatsoever but massively moisturising and just what my jet lagged skin needed. It does smell 'of the sea' somewhat which may put you off but I don't mind it.
While in Sephora, I played with Dru…

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