Function of Beauty

I love this idea so much. Function of Beauty allows you to create your own formula for shampoo and conditioner, pick your colour, pick your scent and it puts your name on it.

Obviously, the very moment I heard about this, I was all over it like a rash. You answer a hair quiz, then you select five hair goals, then you pick colour and scent and finally you add your name so they can put it on the bottle. If you use more shampoo than conditioner, you can order a bigger bottle of shampoo and vice versa.

After all that excitement, the only question is, is it any good? I am delighted to tell you yes, it really is. My order arrived quickly (it comes from the US), it comes with separate pumps (which I only found after raking through my recycling) and it smelt divine (I picked feeling (f) ineapple). An important hair goal for me is anti-frizz. Frizz is my mortal enemy and if I can find something that keeps it at bay, I am happy. This does that. And it makes my hair very shiny. I really do love it. It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  There are a selection of sizes, my order was £29. Which is not cheap but it's also not eye watering.

It's such a great idea that you wonder why nobody has done it sooner.  It's fun and it works, what's not to like?


Jenni said…
ooohhhhh...... love xxx

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