Beauty Pie round-up

I've been a member of Beauty Pie now for just over a year. In that time, I have tried loads of products. My favourite category is serums. I have tried all of these.

It's almost impossible to pick my favourite. The Uber Youth maybe wins but they are all excellent and worth membership alone. Serum is expensive and I seem to canter through it. 

I ordered the sunscreen in my last batch since our summer seems to keep on giving. This is also very good, lightweight, no chalkiness, no greasiness and you can easily put make up over it.

The sheet masks are also really very good. Although they come with a weird layer you need to peel off and this is not made clear except for the fact that trying to put it on with the layer is awkward. I like all sheet masks and these are no exception.

I tried a couple of cleansers and was less impressed. This Japanfusion is acceptable, it smells lovely and works well but I probably wouldn't buy it again. I want them to do an oil-based cleanser as those are my favourite.

This eyeliner in Envy is truly excellent and lasts all day long with no travelling. I got the blue one as well which I like less as it's a bit too blue for me but the quality of these are excellent.

I have also tried the candles (fine but not a patch on my beloved Diptyque), the lipsticks (perfectly nice without being memorable), foundation samples (the jury is out, maybe ok but I prefer to buy my foundation properly at a beauty counter), primer (ok but there are better primers available), retinol hand cream (excellent), five minute facial (reviewed here) and the fabulous Awesome Bronze.

The service is very good, everything comes in a nice box and all in all, I think Beauty Pie is worth the hype. It's exceptionally good value. I really want them to do shower gels as I am obsessed with shower gels.


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