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Hello! I am back. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I've been sunning myself in the Med (dealing with carry on luggage only - a beauty junkie's nightmare).

Today we are talking about Beauty Pie. A new venture by the woman who is behind Bliss. It's a new approach to shopping for beauty. You pay £10 a month and then you can shop for products at factory prices. For someone like me (i.e famously befuddled by numbers) I found it quite hard to properly get my head round so let me explain what I have bought and how much it cost me, all in.

50ml of this serum cost £7.79. It's really good. It has a great texture, it sinks in, it smells good. I am already a big fan. People, we may have solved my serum needs.

A primer. £3.18. I have not tested this enough to give you a thorough review. I have post holiday tan which means I am not wearing foundation. However, I will say it's very heavily scented and it would be better not being very heavily scented. However, at this price, who cares if it's not a hit?

A lip set for £7.78. This I am very impressed with. First up my lip pencil had snapped off. I called customer service and a new one was despatched that day. Excellent response and makes me like them more. I now have two (I sharpened the broken one) and that's a jolly good thing because this is a revelation in lip pencil technology.  Every lip pencil I've used has been drying and tugs the lips. This glides on. It's magnificent. I absolutely love it. The lipstick is also a treat, very moisturising. The lip gloss is also good although I find lip glosses a bit sticky as a rule. Did I need any of these? No. But I am very glad I have them and the colours are gorgeous and very flattering.

Five minute facial - £5.86. I returned from my week on a boat with skin that needed a little TLC.  I put this on and it made everything better. Stick it on, wait five minutes, rinse it off. Glowy skin is yours. It gets great reviews and I can see why.

Having paid my fee of £29, this haul came to £60.12. I consider this very good value. However, if I want to order more (and I will be ordering more serum, I can tell you that right now), then I have to pay more money because you can't buy at the factory prices for a one off fee. I can see why, you could pay £29 for a year and then buy a ton of stuff and how would they make a profit? That isn't made as clear as it could be. Read more here. They also wildly over estimate how much each product would cost and make a big deal of the factory price. For example, they claim the serum would be £85. Maybe and I know plenty of serums that cost that much however, I am not sure this would.

I will certainly be buying again from Beauty Pie, I am very impressed with what I have and the lip liner is a game changer.

By the way, I am not paid a penny from any company to blog about products. I buy everything myself and am not affiliated with anyone. I have a day job and this blog is a hobby and always has been.


MissDisco said…
Any further feed back on the serum?
Cover Girl said…
Yes, still loving it!

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