Mary Greenwell Lemon perfume

I trust we all know who Mary Greenwell is? Legendary make-up artist that's who. She launched a perfume or two a few years ago and I love her for not launching a make-up line. I am not sure we need another make-up line, I can barely keep up with it now. But perfume, well, now she's playing to my deepest weak spot.

I bought this from someone on the internet and so it cost me less than half the price of retail for a full bottle. I highly recommend this internet lark you know. It's incredible what you can find out there. Given that I didn't have to pay full price, I felt fully justified in buying this because its been MONTHS since I had a new perfume. The description spoke to me: a fresh citrus floral with a soft chypre dry down. Hello my friend!

It's a very heavy bottle because the lid weighs a ton. Well, not literally but it's really heavy. Not sure why and I guess it's to feel luxurious but I find it ever so slightly annoying. However, this perfume is a dream. It's absolutely gorgeous. It feels refreshing and zesty as you spray and then settles into a much more interesting scent. How I adore a chypre scent. I knew I'd like this because I love Mitsouko and it's not a million miles from that.

I am in love and I like that it's not a typical scent which everyone will wear. I have a huge bottle so I fully expect to wear it on rotation for the summer and beyond.


Jenni said…
oooohhhh this sounds interesting. I've just gone crazy on Jo Malone who have re-released a limited edition Plum Blossom (which I absolutely adore). They first issued it about 5 years ago, and I foolishly bought a small bottle. Then they re-released it last year and I bought a large bottle. Large bottle expired at Easter and I mourned it like a long dear departed friend. And 2 days ago, I get a sneaky email saying they are re-releasing said limited edition and do I want a bottle or two? Do I ever! 2 bottles bought, bank account spanked, and I am wondering when the hell they will just release it as a normally available fragrance (given it sells out within hours every time its re-released). xxx
Cover Girl said…
I must have a sniff of it (if I can!) xx

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