Bath & Body Works

Whenever I visit the US, I try and got to a Bath & Body Works. It's not a cool shop. I know this because there are only two on Manhattan island and when I mentioned I was going to a NY colleague, she wrinkled her nose delicately.

No matter! I go for one thing and it's this shower gel. I first came across it about 10 years ago and I just love the smell. It smells like clean laundry. I know that sounds weird but it's the 'cleanest' scent you can imagine.

They always have sales and 3 for 2 deals on. So I also bought some Cucumber Melon shower gel which CoverBoy likes. And I got one called Rainkissed Leaves which is a ridiculous name but it smells pleasant.

The rest of the shop is a disaster. Loads of that awful anti-bac gel that people are so obsessed with. It dries your hands out and is nasty stuff. And plug in air fresheners which I loathe and despise.

But for Sea Island Cotton shower gel (also nice as a bubble bath), it's the business.


I've never heard great things about this place BUT their shower gels look really good. I want to go back to NY :(

Cover Girl said…
Yeah, it's not an amazing place at all but the shower gels make it worth a visit.
Jenni said…
The only lovely thing I ever bought from this shop was a 'Creme Brulee' scented candle by White Plains. It was the most divine scent which scented the entire house after half hour of burning (the only candles I have found equal to this scenting performance) are Jo Malone. When I went back the next year they didn't have any and the rather ignorant sales person didn't know about the range I was talking about. As you can tell, Im still scarred by the experience.
Cover Girl said…
I bet it was cheaper than Jo Malone candles. Holy moly. They are SO EXPENSIVE!
Jenni said…
Yes, and THAT's why I was so disappointed when the so-called assistant was so unhelpful. It was less than $10, and very large and yet it's durability and scent just beautiful (I have a thing about scented candles, but only ones which are lovely and last a long time, not yucky rubbish which smell of soap or nothing at all). A Jo Malone candle used to be my Christmas present to myself from Heathrow Duty Free on the way out, as Jo Malone also doesn't alter its prices with currency differences - what ever the London price is, is the equivalent that you will pay in the States. So unfair!
Cover Girl said…
I hate cheap candle smell. Bleurgh.

We are born with expensive taste fellow pea. xx

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