Shiny happy people

Shiny, smooth non-frizzy hair. It's the dream. Right? Well, I have recently purchased this little beauty and although it doesn't make your dream a daily reality, I am really impressed by it.

Alterna Hemp Shine and Texturising Catalyst. You really couldn't make up these names, could you? Anyway, you put a little bit on combed, wet hair and it does very much help smooth your hair without making it lank and greasy. I'd buy it again.

The really exciting news is that in two weeks I am getting a Brazilian blow-dry. Nothing to do with your nether regions, fear not. I shall be reporting back fully of course.


Sally said…
I had a Brazilian Blow-dry this week. It is amazing! I am very impressed, and am going to need neither hair dryer nor GHDs for the foreseeable future.
Cover Girl said…
I cannot wait now!
Cover Girl said…
I am forced to wait since the stupid hairdresser postponed on me. Grrrr.

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