We are the world...

I was just perusing my blog stats. And wondering why nobody had commented for weeks. I can't answer that, I still have lots of visitors. Have you all gone shy on me? Am I boring you?

Anyway, you are able to see where the visits come from in a map form. It's quite interesting. I got excited to see I had a visitor from Georgia but further investigation showed they stayed for one second. Way to deflate my ego.

Anyway, am I boring you? You used to all have lots to say! It's nice to know I am talking to someone.


Claire said…
Not boring at all!
Anonymous said…
We're shy! Not bored :)
Anonymous said…
.. and who is visiting you from the ocean off the coast of africa??

I am pleased to see I have my very own dot.
Cover Girl said…
You shy? Don't make me laugh. And yes, I don't know who that is!
You know I like talking to you about beauty potions and lotions ;)


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