Sisley Radiance Mask

I've waited a long time for this little beauty. But a birthday came and so did this, all wrapped up beautifully. Seriously beautifully actually - my friends ordered it on and wow - the packaging! Completely over the top and there is nothing wrong with that. I love bling.

Anyway, what with getting married and escaping to Italy, I hadn't had time to try this but last week I finally cracked it open.

First thing I like about it - it promises to work in 5 minutes. I do like a speedy beauty product.
Second thing - you don't have to chisel it off your face after 5 minutes. It washes off very easily.
Third thing - it works. This is what the Sisley site says it does:

1. The skin is cleansed and purified
2. The skin is smoothed and matified
3. Pores are tightened
4. The complexion is more radiant

Let's take each in turn.
1) Yes, it does cleanse your skin in that deep cleanse way one expects from a mask.
2) Yes it makes the skin smooth (although to be fair, my skin is smooth already so it's hard to measure but it felt a little smoother afterwards!)
3) This is a big YES. Pores were tightened. I have blackheads on my nose and they were noticeably smaller after this.
4) Yes, my skin was more radiant I would say. Although not blinding.

The big sell for me was the pore tightening. It really delivers on this promise. I can see this lasting me quite a while as you don't use much with each application. So per use, it probably isn't that expensive but I do know it's very expensive to buy and I am very grateful to my generous friends for getting it for me.

If I could only have one mask (horrors - thank goodness I don't have that dilemma) then I would probably pick the Bliss one. However, if money is no object, I would say have both!


Hmmmm to get this or Bliss...stop tempting me with more decisions ;)

Cover Girl said…
Having used this again on Saturday, I am inclined to say it might be better than Bliss. Oh I don't know! It's hard to choose.
Jenni said…
I got a sample of the Sisley today, and will try it tonight. I am most excited. Side note, House of Fraser has 10% off EVERYTHING in its beauty section today, so this also has 10% off. Interesting... x

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