I was given a sample of Starting Over a while ago and liked it so when in NY this week, I did what any sane person does, I hit the Origins shop. Origins is somehow so much better state-side. It's cheaper (although still not cheap) and they have standalone shops which is always more fun.

Anyway, I bought some of this and I must say I am loving it. It's not greasy yet very moisturising. And it's especially nice as a night cream. It smells gorgeous too. They do an oil-free version as well.

And I got the GinZing eye cream. What can I say? I was hit at a weak moment. I don't particularly believe in eye creams but after the flight, jet lag and 7am office starts every day, I looked wrecked by the time I made it to the shop.  It's pretty good and you get loads for your money so I suspect it will last me for at least 10 years!


Orgins skincare seriously rules. I love it, but my wallet doesn't! I am very jealous of your NY trip, sounds fabulous!

Just to update, I decided to get this, as although I have only just hit my 20s, I decided the CCO price was too tempting ;). And after just a few days I LOVE it. So thank you again oh wise one!

Cover Girl said…
Oh good. I am so glad you like it. I love it too.
Jenni said…
I can't find your blog about the Origins oil cleanser, so I'm putting my snout into this trough to report back! I bought some on a little sojourn to Barcelona this week, and me oh my - I love it! I stood, shamefacedly in El Cortes Ingles while the very nice non-English speaking beauty sales lady quietly tutted at the dirt and grime she was easily wiping from my face having massaged the oil all over before removing it with a dry cloth. This having been just 30 minutes after I left my hotel following my usual face cleansing routine. The filth! Honestly, I went crimson!! Which just goes to show a) how shoddy my previous routine had been and b) how effective their oil is. The downside is I bought the only size available (200ml) and had to decant it into smaller empty bottles from Sephora due to hand luggage restrictions. But yeay again for Origins. And yeay again for Cover Girl! x

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