Saturday, 13 August 2016

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

I bought this ages ago. I didn't use it much and then I read a little more about it and now I am a convert. I always thought powders were about a matte finish and I don't want a matte finish. I want a glowy finish. Which is why I don't tend to use powders because I don't have oily skin.

However, what this does is set your make-up. It's in the name but it's not like I pay particularly close attention. You know how you do your make up in the morning and think, check me out, I look fabulous? And then it gets to lunchtime and you look in the mirror at work and wonder what on earth happened? This powder avoids that scenario. It fixes your make up in place for the day. And it really works.

Usual make up routine and a very light dusting of this and away you go. My only complaint is that it's messy and I believe it's badly designed. You do not need much powder or you'll look like a ghost. A very light dusting, less is more. That's hard to achieve with how this is designed so inevitably you load too much on your brush and have to tap it off. Which is wasteful and messy.

Nonetheless, I am finding this very helpful in the summer with sweaty tube travel to contend with. It's £27 and lasts for ages.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Tom Ford Lipstick

I mentioned that I bought this a few weeks ago as a consolation prize when searching for a Givenchy counter.

I didn't need a new lipstick but then again, I am not sure anyone really needs a new lipstick. I have dozens but this one appealed to me as it has a moisture core. That's the different coloured bit in the middle. I picked out a coral colour (Pipa) and the assistant applied it and I couldn't resist. I didn't ask how much it was, reckoning about £30. It was £39! Ridiculous price for a lipstick.

The packaging is divine of course and the lipstick is very nice but it's not the best lipstick I've ever had. And at that price, I would expect it to be. In fact, I find it ever so slightly drying if I am being picky. But I do like the colour and I feel tres glam when I put it on. It's not necessary to spend £39 on a lipstick though, I prefer the formula of the Bobbi Brown Luxe.

Monday, 1 August 2016

CND Cuticle Eraser

Back to nails. We never stray far from nail care. I now do my own manicures and I have to say, I've nailed it (ahem). The key is good cuticle management. Do not ignore your cuticles because then they grow, they require picking, you pick and you know the rest. Messy, bloody, amateur nails. No. I have tried many cuticle removers and this CND one is the best by millions of miles. Don't bother with anything else.

After removing nail polish and shaping, squeeze this on your nail bed, massage in, listen to your favourite song and then push back gently with a cuticle stick. Don't ignore the stick stage. Wash your hands with a grainy soap so you exfoliate a bit. Then meticulously clean your nails with nail polish remover and get right in the corners. Then paint. I've been using this for about three months and my nails have never looked better.

About painting your nails, do not paint too close to the cuticles. Nothing gives away a home manicure like manky, messy painted cuticles. With this the job is much easier but even then, don't go to the nail bed. I find painting nails easy because I've basically spent 35 years practicing. I spent much of my childhood bored on Sunday afternoons and so I used to paint my nails all the time. I was terrible to start with but now, I swear I could be a nail technician although I've no idea about nail art. The easiest brush is the YSL one, I know they are expensive but they almost do the job for you, utterly foolproof.


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