Tom Ford Lipstick

I mentioned that I bought this a few weeks ago as a consolation prize when searching for a Givenchy counter.

I didn't need a new lipstick but then again, I am not sure anyone really needs a new lipstick. I have dozens but this one appealed to me as it has a moisture core. That's the different coloured bit in the middle. I picked out a coral colour (Pipa) and the assistant applied it and I couldn't resist. I didn't ask how much it was, reckoning about £30. It was £39! Ridiculous price for a lipstick.

The packaging is divine of course and the lipstick is very nice but it's not the best lipstick I've ever had. And at that price, I would expect it to be. In fact, I find it ever so slightly drying if I am being picky. But I do like the colour and I feel tres glam when I put it on. It's not necessary to spend £39 on a lipstick though, I prefer the formula of the Bobbi Brown Luxe.


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