Thursday, 23 January 2014


It's years since I've used Pantene shampoo and conditioner but it's clear I am susceptible to advertising. I have become addicted to Hulu since moving to New York. It's an online TV service and I am ploughing my way through Grey's Anatomy like my life depends on it. Anyway, it has adverts that you can't skip and there is a Pantene one featuring Gisele. I have no time for Gisele and her yoga poses with her baby but one has to admit, she is beautiful. There is no way on earth my hair could ever be like hers but there I was in the shampoo aisle debating over which to buy and somehow my hand reached for this.

I am annoyed with myself for buying into the advert. I don't even kid myself thinking my hair will tumble luxuriously as a result of using this and the conditioner. However, I must say I am enjoying it. My hair does feel smooth and shiny. It smells good. It's cheap. Basically, it's a win.

Have I stuck to my no-buy January? Well, yes and no. OK, no, not exactly. I bought a new hairdryer - the one in my apartment broke and life without a hairdryer is unthinkable. It broke while I was sick so not only was I confined to my bed, I was confined to my bed with frizzy BAD HAIR. Horrors. I also bought an eye pencil from the Sephora range because I read it was a good dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury eye crayons and in my logic, that was actually saving money. More on that in a future post. And I bought a hair product my sister is raving about. Again, more on that soon when I've tested it further.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New year, new shower gels

January is here and I am on a saving money mission. Next week we finally move into our new house and we all know owning property basically means never having any money, ever again. It's one of the reasons I've delayed doing it for so long. So, I looked at my enormous pile of make-up and beauty products and thought, maybe I should just try and use up some of all this before buying more. Radical I know.

However, before I made that decision, I ordered this divine shower gel in the Cult Beauty sale.

This shower gel is what the Metropolitan hotel in Bangkok stocks and I can honestly say it is heaven. It is expensive but for special treats or just when you feel the need to be transported somewhere that reminds you of lemongrass scented towels, then it's worth the money.

I also bought CoverBoy this for his birthday in December.

Molton Brown is a slightly annoying brand. I don't think it's half as good as it seems to think it is and I find many of the scents cloying but this one is so refreshing and perfect for the winter months.

Finally, I also got this in the sale.

I've not tried it yet but how can it fail? Miller Harris and orange scented. Mmmmmm.

I shall let you know how my self imposed embargo goes. I'll still be blogging, rediscovering old favourites and possibly being more creative with my make-up. For someone that owns so much of it, I do tend to go for the same look over and over again.

Happy new year fellow beauty obsessives!


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