Saturday, 30 November 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

There is nothing more enjoyable than browsing a New York drugstore. Forget Boots, these places sell everything. Beer, milk, ice cream, cleaning products, underwear, stationery, fruit salads (yes, really) cakes, biscuits, candy, magazines, cigarettes (also, yes, really) you name it, they have it. And they have make-up. Loads of it immaculately presented. Maybelline is not a brand I have a huge amount of time for but I had read that the Baby Lips balm was a winner so I bought one for the princely sum of $4.

I am loving it. It's the perfect lip balm, easy to put on, flattering and moisturising. If you lose it (I always seem to lose my lip balms) you don't mind as it as only $4. So far I've not lost it but I bought a few more just in case. They come in loads of shades or just clear. Basically they are real winners, I've not seen them over here but I don't spend much time looking at Maybelline so maybe they are available. If not, leave a comment if you'd like me to hit you up.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

NARS One Night Stand

Over on the Sali Hughes forum, there is a a lot of noise about this, however it seems to be sold out in the UK. There are always issues with NARS supply in the UK, somebody should sort it out. I offered to get some for those desperate and needy souls whose lives are incomplete without a blush palette and three people have asked me to get them one. My beloved Sephora of course has stacks of them.

Now of course I find myself wanting one. No, I don't need one. Yes, I have a lot of blusher but look at it. You can read about it here. It's so beautiful. NARS do the best packaging, so cool. I must resist.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Bumble and Bumble Dryspun finish

Once again, we can thank Sali Hughes for bringing this to my attention, she mentioned it a few weeks ago. You spray on dry hair and it gives it bouf, oomph, pizzazz. And it really does. New York is not a natural friend to my hair, I noticed in my first few weeks that my hair was looking lacklustre and a bit, well, flat darlings. I dislike flat.

I went into Sephora (as I tend to do at least once a day) and had a play with this and I am impressed. It's easy to use, it doesn't smell nasty and it works. It's also $29 and I simply can't justify it at the moment. Curses buying a house, it's eating into my beauty fund.

Frankly, why bother buying it though? I can just go to a Sephora and use the sample. My sister became somewhat obsessed with this on her visit and made it her mission to spray at least once a day. I blame her for the fact that now every time I go into a branch, the canister is empty!

Maybe Santa will be kind to me. In the meantime, my hair seems to have acclimatised and it's improved somewhat. I am not sure it's for sale in the UK yet (could I be any more annoying?) but when it lands, check it out.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

New York City Bliss

I've been in New York for two weeks and have been to the Bliss Spa twice. What can I say? I am addicted. However, I have a rare example of an American thing London does better. The Bliss Spa in Chelsea, London is superior to the two Bliss Spas I've been to here in Manhattan. I find this hard to believe as well but it's true.

I have decided to embrace the shellac manicure again since I can't stand chipped nail varnish. So fresh off the plane I high-tailed it over to 57th and Fifth.  I wasn't bowled over by the service, the technician was competent but distant. She didn't ask if I wanted a drink or make me feel anything other than a minor inconvenience in her day. I want to say it's cheaper than London but having just looked up the prices, I am not sure it is. Maybe a few pounds less. However, when it comes to Shellac manicures I have learned the hard way that it's worth paying for. There is nothing worse than a badly done job to irritate you. And she did a great job. However, slightly put off I decided to book today's manicure (and pedicure) with Bliss 49 on Lexington.

This above picture is exactly where I sat. The technician was friendlier and even made me a mint tea. She did a great job as well (navy blue on fingers, purple on toes since you ask) however it still doesn't have the wow factor of the London spa. The staff at the front desk are positively dumb. I don't expect them to be Einstein but honestly, these girls lacked any customer care training and there was no evidence of brain power. I find this astounding in a city that takes customer service so seriously. Maybe they don't need to try and everyone flocks to them anyway but on a Sunday morning, this place was not that busy. However, I guess Park Avenue princesses don't work and go in the week.

Having said all that I am sitting here admiring the handiwork so overall I am pleased and I will go back to the 49 spa. I just wish they would up their game to match their prices.

The Bliss products are cheaper by far and they have amazing holiday sets which are fantastic value. The shower gels and body butters for $33. Obviously I stocked up.


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