Maybelline Baby Lips

There is nothing more enjoyable than browsing a New York drugstore. Forget Boots, these places sell everything. Beer, milk, ice cream, cleaning products, underwear, stationery, fruit salads (yes, really) cakes, biscuits, candy, magazines, cigarettes (also, yes, really) you name it, they have it. And they have make-up. Loads of it immaculately presented. Maybelline is not a brand I have a huge amount of time for but I had read that the Baby Lips balm was a winner so I bought one for the princely sum of $4.

I am loving it. It's the perfect lip balm, easy to put on, flattering and moisturising. If you lose it (I always seem to lose my lip balms) you don't mind as it as only $4. So far I've not lost it but I bought a few more just in case. They come in loads of shades or just clear. Basically they are real winners, I've not seen them over here but I don't spend much time looking at Maybelline so maybe they are available. If not, leave a comment if you'd like me to hit you up.


MissDisco said…
Well, duh ....... yes please! You know I always need more lip balm

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