Bumble and Bumble Dryspun finish

Once again, we can thank Sali Hughes for bringing this to my attention, she mentioned it a few weeks ago. You spray on dry hair and it gives it bouf, oomph, pizzazz. And it really does. New York is not a natural friend to my hair, I noticed in my first few weeks that my hair was looking lacklustre and a bit, well, flat darlings. I dislike flat.

I went into Sephora (as I tend to do at least once a day) and had a play with this and I am impressed. It's easy to use, it doesn't smell nasty and it works. It's also $29 and I simply can't justify it at the moment. Curses buying a house, it's eating into my beauty fund.

Frankly, why bother buying it though? I can just go to a Sephora and use the sample. My sister became somewhat obsessed with this on her visit and made it her mission to spray at least once a day. I blame her for the fact that now every time I go into a branch, the canister is empty!

Maybe Santa will be kind to me. In the meantime, my hair seems to have acclimatised and it's improved somewhat. I am not sure it's for sale in the UK yet (could I be any more annoying?) but when it lands, check it out.


MissDisco said…
Boots sell it (on-line anyway) for £21.50.
For a slightly cheaper but almost as good product may I suggest Umberto Giannini Glam Hair's Backcomb in a Bottle?

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