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I've been in New York for two weeks and have been to the Bliss Spa twice. What can I say? I am addicted. However, I have a rare example of an American thing London does better. The Bliss Spa in Chelsea, London is superior to the two Bliss Spas I've been to here in Manhattan. I find this hard to believe as well but it's true.

I have decided to embrace the shellac manicure again since I can't stand chipped nail varnish. So fresh off the plane I high-tailed it over to 57th and Fifth.  I wasn't bowled over by the service, the technician was competent but distant. She didn't ask if I wanted a drink or make me feel anything other than a minor inconvenience in her day. I want to say it's cheaper than London but having just looked up the prices, I am not sure it is. Maybe a few pounds less. However, when it comes to Shellac manicures I have learned the hard way that it's worth paying for. There is nothing worse than a badly done job to irritate you. And she did a great job. However, slightly put off I decided to book today's manicure (and pedicure) with Bliss 49 on Lexington.

This above picture is exactly where I sat. The technician was friendlier and even made me a mint tea. She did a great job as well (navy blue on fingers, purple on toes since you ask) however it still doesn't have the wow factor of the London spa. The staff at the front desk are positively dumb. I don't expect them to be Einstein but honestly, these girls lacked any customer care training and there was no evidence of brain power. I find this astounding in a city that takes customer service so seriously. Maybe they don't need to try and everyone flocks to them anyway but on a Sunday morning, this place was not that busy. However, I guess Park Avenue princesses don't work and go in the week.

Having said all that I am sitting here admiring the handiwork so overall I am pleased and I will go back to the 49 spa. I just wish they would up their game to match their prices.

The Bliss products are cheaper by far and they have amazing holiday sets which are fantastic value. The shower gels and body butters for $33. Obviously I stocked up.


Jenni said…
WHAT a disappointment! So sad, as the products are so amazing. I can't get enough of the oxygenating face mask, face wash and face cream. Oh and the under eye gel. And similarly, I bought some stonking Christmas gift packs from Debenhams AND House of Fraser after Christmas. Completely worth it at more than half price. At one point, I paid less for 4 products in a festive pack than one single product. Still can't believe the economics on that one! Glad your'e enjoying your time over there despite the rubbish service xxx

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