Christmas gift ideas

I am a little late with my list this year but if you are a traditional last minute shopper, then here is my list of gifts I'd love to find under the tree.

Bliss is still one of my favourite brands. The eye masks are truly miraculous. I have invested in a job lot of these as I am flying so much. They are perfect when you have a hangover as well.

The Bliss shower gels are my staples and I adore them all. The new Grapefruit one is gorgeous.

YSL nail varnish is blowing my mind. It's very treaty, looks gorgeous and is a cinch to apply.

I have bought many eyeliners this year and my favourite is this one from NARS. I pretty much wear it every day. Easy to apply and stays put all day long.

I also covet the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyeliners. These look gorgeous and if I could justify buying yet more eyeliners...

My favourite moisturiser discovery this year is the Kiehls 24/7 Activated Moisturiser. This smells like absolute heaven and it makes me feel happy just to put it on. I highly recommend this.

Yet again I will say that a Tom Ford lipstick would make anyone happy.

And the Bumble and Bumble DrySpun Finish is fabulous. I succumbed and got some of this and it's the best hair product I've used for ages. It just makes your hair all oompy and full.

The Chanel cream blush made my year, finally they released a cream blush and it was worth the wait. And of course it looks fabulous on your dressing table

Finally, if you love Moroccan Hair Oil for the scent then I am reliably informed this perfume smells the same. Etro's Shaal Nar. I've not smelt it but it's top of my wishlist. Jenni, this one's for you!

Merry Christmas to you all. May your Christmas day be filled of beauty wonder.


Jenni said…
Oh my giddy bl00dy aunt, I can'T BELIEVE I've just read this post! THANK YOU! Am googling this very instant (well hubby is) to find said perfume and make an impulse purchase. Oh, and the NARS eyeliner. And the Channel blush. And Im almost out of bliss eye
Cover Girl said…
Please report back and let me know if it does smell the same. I want it BADLY! x
Jenni said…
Impulse purchase complete; I shall report back when it arrives. Also, must chat to you one day about my amazing makeup session with Arianne Poole. She of This Morning fame, who I had a three hour make up back and skin care review, before learning some of the trickiest, revolutionary makeup tricks I've ever learnt. It's changed the way I do my eye make up forever! xxx
Cover Girl said…
Am fascinated. When did this happen? And where?
Jenni said…
November, in a friends house in Amersham. She'll do home visits, or classes in London. It was my early Christmas present from my dearest friend and it was just brilliant. I loved the fact it was only focused on two things; upcycling my existing make up products, and applying actual trade secrets to my routine to improve what i do with the makeup. I was very pleased she thought my vast array of makeup was brilliant (she's also a lover of NARS and BB) and was impressed with my range of brushes *smug smile! xxx

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