Birthday beauty haul

Not only did I get married this month, I also had a birthday. My present haul post is later than usual but I know you'll forgive me. I've been kind of busy. As always, I did very well on the beauty present front.

From my sister, I received the most perfect shower gel from Bliss. Blood Orange and White Pepper. Sounds bizarre but is very refreshing and gorgeous. As Bliss products always are.

My besties surpassed themselves and win 'most attentive to my blog' award. They bought me products I mentioned on this very blog in February 2009. That is what I call listening.

They got me the Sisley radiance mask and MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. Now, I confess to not having had time to try the mask so I will be reporting back. And the MAC lipstick? Well, they ordered it on the internet as they are busy people. And it came in a ridiculously large box. Almost shoe-box size for one little lippie. I opened it with much excitement, undid the lipstick (as one always does with a new lippie) and the whole lipstick bit rolled off and onto the floor with a mighty thump! It was all dried out and broken. So I need to return it. Which I tried to do today but there was queue to get into the MAC store which so enraged me, I left. I may be swapping it for something else though as I don't think it's a red that suits me. Sorry girls if you are reading! But I loved the thought and that you are reading through my back catalogue.  Am not loving MAC however.

My husband (forgive me, it's still a novelty) bought me vouchers for my local beauty salon. Which I did ask for but it doesn't make it any less appreciated. And of course I got the nail varnishes I mentioned in my last post.

Excellent haulage.


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