Bobbi Brown wedding makeover

So after my £750 SpaceNK makeover (I'm still not quite over that one and won't be for some time), I went to Bobbi Brown in Peter Jones on Kings Rd. AKA my personal mothership.

I had no appointment but I must have looked panicked two days before my wedding asking for help and I got very lucky with the lovely Vickie. Who became my best friend over the course of the next hour. I really cannot recommend highly enough how good this makeover was. She listened to me. She didn't try and sell me anything, saying things like, if you have powder at home, that's fine, use that, no need to buy Bobbi Brown powder, and she did the make up in a way I could replicate easily.

I bought:
Tinted moisturiser
Blusher (of joy - I love it - powder pink shade)
3 eye shadows (and a cute little palette to put them in)
Concealer stick
A corrector
Concealer brush

Although there was quite a bit of make up involved, I didn't feel overly made up and fake. I felt like me. Only smoother!

The revelation was the corrector she used. You have to apply it with a brush (and yes, you really do, fingers are far too clumsy) and it just magically erases any dark circles. Not that I have any of those you understand...

Well, I think I know what you are all going to ask, so to preempt you, here is a photo of me in said make-up. Very easy to do myself. 10/10 Bobbi Brown!


Claire said…
Thanks to your recommendation, I went to a Bobbi Brown counter today and bought tinted moisturiser base stuff, and a brush :) so thank you.
Cover Girl said…
You're very welcome. xx

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