Wedding make-over

Today I went to Space NK to have a make over. I didn't book it, just went in and asked. I am going to list everything they used, and more importantly, how much it was so we can all have a giggle.

Firstly she had to remove the make-up I had on. For this:

Flower infused cleansing milk - £47
Pure rosewater - £44
Vital Essence - £75

Then she put on a cream:
Firming face cream - £77

Ready to make-up:
Tinted moisturiser - £55
Bio-lift under eye concealer - £57 (as pictured above and it was amazing)
Face powder - £50
4 different eye shadows - £23 each
Mascara - £31
Blusher - £23
Lipstick - £26.50

She used this brush (£23), and this one (£25) and this one (£30) and this one (£64) and this one (£30).

This comes to a total of £749.50. I said thank you very much and left without spending a penny.

Looking fabulous of course. Might try Bobbi Brown next which will feel like Walmarts in comparison...


Oh good grief to the price of that makeover! Sounds like some luxury stuff though. We absolutely need a photo though Miss Pinks :).


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