Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wedding make-over

Today I went to Space NK to have a make over. I didn't book it, just went in and asked. I am going to list everything they used, and more importantly, how much it was so we can all have a giggle.

Firstly she had to remove the make-up I had on. For this:

Flower infused cleansing milk - £47
Pure rosewater - £44
Vital Essence - £75

Then she put on a cream:
Firming face cream - £77

Ready to make-up:
Tinted moisturiser - £55
Bio-lift under eye concealer - £57 (as pictured above and it was amazing)
Face powder - £50
4 different eye shadows - £23 each
Mascara - £31
Blusher - £23
Lipstick - £26.50

She used this brush (£23), and this one (£25) and this one (£30) and this one (£64) and this one (£30).

This comes to a total of £749.50. I said thank you very much and left without spending a penny.

Looking fabulous of course. Might try Bobbi Brown next which will feel like Walmarts in comparison...

1 comment:

Dreams That Glitter said...

Oh good grief to the price of that makeover! Sounds like some luxury stuff though. We absolutely need a photo though Miss Pinks :).



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