All hail my new Chanel perfume

On Friday I decided to just bite the bullet and buy Bois des Iles, the exclusive Chanel perfume I've wanted for ages and ages.

They only sell it in Selfridges London and stand-alone Chanel shops. I've posted about this before so I won't repeat myself.

I bought it. And the Chanel woman said to me: "Would you like to try any others?"

Yes, a Chanel woman offered me samples. I was so taken aback by this unprecedented offer that I didn't take full advantage and say "yes, ALL of them!" and just stuttered something about No 22. The samples are divine. And you get a sample of the one you buy to put in your handbag. Of course ideally it would be in my 2.55 handbag but I'm working on that.

For this historic moment I am going to share more than one photo.

The samples:

Close up of sample:


I love this perfume too - it's epic.

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