Orgasms and Chanel

So back at the beginning of January I posted about what we needed in 2010. So far I've been using the Maybelline foundation which is brilliant stuff, I really like it. And yesterday I bought the Nars Orgasm Illuminator in SpaceNK. I walked past, saw it in the window and thought I'd better have it. For everyone's sake so you can all know if it's worth investing in. The sacrifices I make...

Anyway, not used it yet but I will be reporting back. It looks very promising based on rubbing a bit on the back of my hand.

I've not got round to investigating the Lancome counter yet but continue to read very positive comments on their reformulated make up. I have tried to have a look at the Chanel nail varnish in the flesh but every single Chanel counter told me that they were expecting a delivery next week. Whatever. I'm over it already. My new favourite nail varnish is Essie's Angora Cardigan. It looks like it's going to be a bit dull but it's the most gorgeous dusty rose and makes a change from my usual darker colours.

Speaking of Chanel, my love for Bois des Iles continues unabated so I thought I'd investigate purchasing some. I hiked to Selfridges, went to the usual Chanel counter and was told, I needed to go to the exclusive Chanel counter. Regular readers will know my issues with Selfridges but they are the only shop that sells these scents so I had to bite the bullet. Anyway, I was escorted to the exclusive counter where I saw the most orange faced ladies I've ever encountered in beauty counter visiting. Absolutely caked in make up. They were helpful though and if you've never visited this little corner of Selfridges, it's a Chanel haven. Beautifully laid out. I have found a picture online but this does it no justice.

I discovered the perfume costs £163! I knew they wouldn't be giving it away but £163? Mind you, it is for 200ml so it's actually good value when you think about it. The bottles were divine in their simplicity. However, sanity prevailed and I had to walk away. Not before I'd smelt every perfume though. Chanel Beige is also lovely. But Bois des Iles is the one for me. Closely followed by No 18 which I adore. If I was a millionaire, I'd have all of them. Lined up in my enormous bathroom.


It's posts like this which make me wish I lived in London! I like hanging out in Chanel...pretending I'm cool enough to afford their stuff, but really I'm just a poor, country student!
Cover Girl said…
You are easily cool enough. Am very intrigued by the deleted comment!
Oh that was me, spelling mistake. Sorry to disappoint you ;). See, told you I wasn't that cool! hehe.
Cover Girl said…
With my superpowers, it's gone!

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