Chanel - when they get it right, they really get it so right

I may have done another Perfumed Court order. I blame The Book (I bought the updated version). I couldn't sleep the other night so I do what any sane person does, I shopped online.

Perfumed Court is a great site - you can buy decants of scents to see if you like them. I recommend it.

Here's what I ordered:

31 Rue Cambon
No 19
No 18
Bois des Iles
Pour Monsieur
Eau De Guerlain
Theo Fennell
Givenchy III
Prescriptives Calyx

Quite a haul. I've not tried them all yet but I can say I have a new love. Bois des Iles. It's just divine. It's a soft fragrance, it smells like cashmere, kittens, elegance and beauty. I love it. I also really like No 18. You can only buy this at standalone Chanel counters and at Selfridges in London. Apparently. I have no idea why they hide it away and sell some of the odious scents they do but there you go. It's very green initially and sharp and then it melts into a giant floral. Very intriguing.

I don't like Theo Fennell. I need to give it another go but so far, it's a thumbs down. And Givenchy is really disappointing, I could barely smell it after 20 minutes. Same with 31 Rue Cambon which is lovely but fades way too fast.

Not tried the others yet. I know what No 19 smells like but not sure how it will smell on me. So many perfumes. So little time.


Speaking of Chanel, I tagged you for an award on my blog, it has a little pic of Mr Karl Lagerfeld on and so naturally it reminded me of you :).

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