In Style 100 Best Beauty Buys - 2010

I posted about this last year. Both what was listed I owned and what they listed I wanted to try. I read back and realised I didn't try anything on the list! Excellent effort. I'd love to say that meant I saved money but I think we all know I'd be lying.

The list has not massively changed this year. I have decided they must be getting a back-hander from Sisley. So many products recommended. Including a night cream that costs £435. Yes, £435. What on earth? That makes my Guerlain rose face cream look like Boots value.

Best anti-ageing cream - Sisley Global Anti-Age: £218. Apparently there is nothing better for hydrated, radiant skin. I expect you flush having spent that much on a moisturiser.

Best radiance mask - Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask: £54.50. Almost cheap! I wanted to try this when it was listed last year. But I have now decided my money is better spent having monthly facials. I had the most amazing one in my local salon last week and my skin is looking very smooth and blemish-free.


Yeah £54 sounds cheap!!! Geez.

Anonymous said…
The only way I would pay £435 for a night cream is if it meant I woke up with a face like like Angelina /insert your preferred beauteous celeb here. I don't even have a piece of clothing that costs that much!
Cover Girl said…
Nor do I Jinx and that is really saying something!

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