2010 - what do we need?

I just read the top 10 list in the Sunday Time Style magazine of what we all need in 2010 beauty-wise. I am excited by a few on their list:

The eye colour - Lancome Le Khol Gloss in Pop Petrol. It's out on Thursday. I've been reading great things about the revamped Lancome make-up and am definitely going to check it out. This sounds lovely, it says it has a texture like oil. Oooohhhh. And blue - my fave colour. It's £18.

The foundation - Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation. What a shocker! A cheap foundation being recommended. I don't wear foundation but maybe I should check this out at £7.99. How can I go wrong just looking? It is described as 'foundation perfection'.

The multi-purpose product - Nars Orgasm Illuminator. Nars. Orgasm. Say no more. £21.

The lipstick - Ellis Faas, Ellis Red. It's the colour of blood apparently. Comes in three finishes - creamy, milky and glazed. And it's on sale at Liberty and I love Liberty. £21.

They talk about the latest Chanel nail varnish but Chanel does not make good quality nail varnish. I know it gets all the fuss but it chips. It does look like a gorgeous colour - minky brown. Mmmmmm. And they talk about a Revlon mascara but I am now such a cynic about mascara.


I'd only agree with the Nars in that list to be honest!
Cover Girl said…
I got the Maybelline foundation for £5.99 in Boots (special offer) and early reports are very positive.
m4dswine said…
I know what you mean about Chanel nail polish - it chips way too easily. I have a gorgeous purple colour from them and its not too bad. Not as good as my MAC purple though!
I think Chanel nail polish is over-rated too. It just doesn't seem worth all that money!


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