The perfect red nail varnish

Yes, more about nail varnish. You wouldn't have thought it was possible to say so much but I feel I've barely warmed up. There are about a gazillion red nail varnishes out there. And at first glance, it's easy to think they are all much of a muchness. But you'd be wrong. Many have a pearl effect, some are from the Rouge Noir school and are very deep reds, some have orange in them and only really suit those of a Brazilian complexion, some are almost brown.

Finding a true red, like the red of a cartoon apple, is actually quite difficult. But fear not, I have found it. It's by Essie of course. And it's called A-List. It's perfect. I love it. I have it on my fingernails and I am admiring them as I type. I expect it would be fantastic on toenails too.


Anonymous said…
That really is the perfect true red, yum. *wants*
Anonymous said…
Oooh. I can never quite make myself wear bright varnish on my hands, but I want that for my toes. *makes note*
Cover Girl said…
happy to enable ladies.
I still haven't got round to trying Essie yet, shame on me! If I get a bottle soon I'll be sure to tell people that you enabled me ;)


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