Thursday, 17 June 2010

This week's nail colour

So I face a dilemma. The mother of all dilemmas. What nail varnish to wear on my wedding day? It goes without saying I am not going for a french manicure (urgh, a pet peeve) or some anonymous bridal pale pink. No, I plan to have nails that you know are there.

So every week I am trying a different colour to find the right one. This week's choice is Garnet by Essie.

Marks: 6/10
Yeah, it's not going to happen. Nice colour and all but a bit of a dull red I think.


Dreams That Glitter said...

Yaaay for being different! What kind of shade do you want? Are you going for something red? I'll have a think about some stands out from my collection!


jinxle said...

Oooooh, dilemma indeed! I quite liked that pale green that was very popular a month or so back. Depends what other colours you have going on (bridesmaids were brights, red and pinks, no?). But I would guess you aren't going to want to be matchy-matchy, that would be a bit twee.

Cover Girl said...

Current favourite is Bermuda Shorts (Essie) a beautiful purple that I have blogged about. I don't like the pale green Jinx. Too insipid for me. ;o)

Dreams That Glitter said...

A purple would look gorgeous :)


sowandsew said...

Haha! I had anonymous bridal pale pink. Perfect for me (I even got someone to take a photo of my hands!) but no, not right for you. Good luck with the quest - it sounds like a fun one.


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