Oil - the new wonder product?

I've been having a love-in with oil recently. Firstly Bio Oil, then my Origins oil-based cleanser (loving it by the way) and today I bought an oil-based shower gel. Just a cheap Nivea one in Boots as a post-work treat.

Had a shower when I got in to road test it. It's not normal how excited I get by new products. Anyway, it's very nice in terms of texture and feeling on skin but I was under-whelmed by the scent. I like to be able to really smell my shower gels. This is very blah. Still, for a few quid, it's worth a shot for the summer.

Also, I now have four Masterpiece Max mascaras lined up, unopened. You know, in case there is a world shortage or something...


Foreigner said…
While I love oil for an after shower intense moisturiser (Body Shop Monoi miracle oil smells lovely) I've never really gotten on with the Nivea oil wash.
Maybe I'm too attached to feeling the relief of putting moisturiser on!

I also bulk buy Masterpiece Max. It's the sensible thing to do!

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