REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

Hi everyone! The sun is shining and we've had a lovely May haven't we? Two bank holiday weekends with sunshine has to be the rarest occurrence. I hope you've all enjoyed it.

This recommendation could not come at a better time. This is basically an AHA-based serum for your body. Those AHAs that whisk away dead cells in your facial serums? This does the same for your body. It's brilliant. I whole heartedly recommend this with massive enthusiasm. I've not used such a great product for years. It works immediately. No waiting and patiently using it for weeks before you see a result. I slapped this on my arms and then noticed how soft my elbows were.

It's sold out in lots of places, I got mine from M&S. Yes, it's expensive but it's worth it and you don't need masses of it. It sinks in really quickly, it doesn't leave your skin tacky. Honestly, go buy some.


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