Friday, 20 May 2016

Becca Backlight Primer

I am obsessed with primers. Anything to make the make up stick on my skin for longer is a bonus and must be invested in. My newest discovery is this baby from Becca. It's very lovely, the texture is light, it has a subtle sheen and it works a treat. It's really good, I wore it with a touch of concealer and it was enough of a base.

What concealer you ask? Why this one.

Amazing concealer it's called, and it is! It's highly pigmented so you hardly need any. I am a big fan. The Cult Beauty site is my weakness. I really must stop perusing it.


MissDisco said...

I need a lesson in how to apply the amazing concealer!

Cover Girl said...

How so? You just put it on and blend!


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