Taking off the eyes

One of the great chores of wearing mascara is getting it off at the end of the day. I have tried expensive eye make up removers and am convinced they are no better than the cheaper versions. For quite some time I used Olay's Daily eye make up remover and it was pretty good. A bit gloppy as it is a cream. But it did a relatively good job. But I still sometimes had the panda eye look.

Now, you know the lazy cleansing wipes that every beauty house does a version of? I don't like them very much for my whole face but they are good at removing eye make up. And for a while, I've been thinking why don't they do eye make up versions. Because it felt a bit extravagant to use a whole big wipe for eyes. (I have no idea why I am getting thrifty about this when I think what I spend money on but hey.) And lo, I was in Boots a month or so ago and saw Simple had been reading my mind. So I bought them. What a disappointment. They are teeny. No way one wipe can do both eyes. And using two wipes? I may as well just use one larger wipe.

I also decided when I was in Boots to try a different liquid remover and bought Botanicals. You have to shake the bottle first but it's good - dare I say better than the Olay one? But still none of these remove it in a flash which is what I am after. There is still an element of rubbing going on. Anyone have any recommendations?


MissDisco said…
I used to use the Simple wipes (the face ones) and found they did the trick fine with out much rubbing ... but then I only wear mascara, my piggy eyes don't do the whole eye liner / shadow thing. However, now I use Liz Earle's cleanse and polish and it's great. Just massage a bit of the cream around the eye area and then gently wipe away with the cloth and hey presto! all the mascara is gone
Cover Girl said…
piggy eyes! Rubbish.
Thea said…
Oh, I know the answer to this one (for me, anyway). It's Boots unperfumed eye makeup remover lotion in the blue and white bottle, a princely £1.49 a bottle.

This only works if you like to wash your face too, but it's worked for me for at least 15 years - a big squirt of the lotion, massaged into my whole face, then removed with tissues or loo roll, and followed with a facial wash (current favourite is Origins Checks & Balances).

It really does remove absolutely every bit of makeup, even the otherwise unbudgeable (e.g. sealed-on lipstick, waterproof mascara), and it's so cheap that you can afford a fancy face wash if you like (Neals Yard Palmarosa is also nice, and Ren ones are great).
Luce said…
I heartily recommend the Chanel biphase eye make up remover, it's pricey, but it last forever, and it's supergentle.

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