Pore No More

Dr Brandt's Pore No More is quite simply a wonder product. It's a magical little liquid that you use to put on any oily patches on your face. Instantly you have matte skin. Pores seem smaller. How does it do it? Not sure but it contains Tea Tree oil. You can ever put it on before you got to bed (not done this yet) but the woman in SpaceNK told me you could.

It is a bit expensive - £33 for a little tube (of course it is cheaper in the States - $45) but it does last ages. And no summer is complete without it. Even a rubbish London summer. I don't need it much in the winter.

If you have blackheads on your nose - this is the business.


Lucy said…
Sounds like amazing stuff. But why would you put it on before bed?
Cover Girl said…
To help control your oil and general spottiness I think...

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