Cheap and cheerful

I am not afraid to spend money in the journey towards perfection. But some products can't be beat and they are often the cheap as chips ones. Hurrah!

Here is a favourite of mine. More will follow.

Maybelline Great Lash.

Yes, it's a classic. Everyone was talking about this round about 10 years ago. I was there, I was meh. But recently I was in the US and in one of their wonderful drug stores and it caught my eye. And really, they practically gave it away. So I bought it. And really, it is an excellent bargain mascara. Easy to apply, nice thick lashes, little smudging. But I can't find it in anything but Blackest Black over here in the UK. I got brown/black in the US which is the perfect shade. I shall have to stock up when I next go.


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