Nars Multiple - desert island product?

If I could only have one make up product, this would come close to being it (but don't make me do that please!)

I love it in so many ways. Yes it is expensive (£32 I believe) but I bought mine so long ago I can hardly remember and it is still going strong. It glides on a dream, looks natural, you can use it with clear gloss on your lips too. It's fabulous.

I have Malibu and I recently bought Orgasm (which they say suits everyone and who could disagree?) and it is sparkly and very flattering. A great summer blusher but not sure about winter. I may go back to my Bobbi Brown one but that's another story.


cinzanochick said…
Tell us about your Bobbi Brown one Cover girl -I'm ready for my blusher education! Love the blog.
MissDisco said…
I got my current Multiple for my birthday 2 years ago, I use it nearly everyday and still have about 1/3 of it left - that's what I call value for money!

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