No rub, rub, rub?

Dear friends of mine bought me an Elemis gift voucher for my birthday. I opted for a facial. During the facial, the therapist used this (Papaya Enzyme Peel) to exfoliate my skin. And it's odd because you don't rub. You smooth it on and all the enzymes in the papaya eat away at your old skin. So you smooth on, lay back for 10 mins and rinse off.

Naturally I was persuaded to buy some and I have to say, it's amazing. Again, you don't want to be using this too much but on that day when the thought of scrubbing is just too much like hard work, why not try this? I use it at weekends when I can smooth it on, lie back in bed and read the Guardian Weekend magazine and then drag myself to the bathroom to rinse off.

It's made me want to try that fish pedicure where you put your feet in and all the fish nibble away at your dead bits. Anyone tried that? I am totally tempted.


MissDisco said…
Oooh, this sounds more like my thing! I hope they do it duty free - I might have to get some Monday.
MissDisco said…
What's this stuff called? I can't see the name on the picture you posted.
And, I sooooo want to do that fish pedicure thing!
Cover Girl said…
papaya enzyme peel.

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