Phytologie - PhytoMist

The curse of coloured hair. You pay a fortune (well, I do) to get it just that perfect colour and then along comes the sun (if you are lucky) and over zealous shampoos and chlorine in swimming pools and before you know, you have orange hair.

I have many weapons up my sleeve to slay the dreaded orange hair scenario. Orange hair is fine if you chose orange. Not if you chose shiny conker thank you very much.

One of my weapons is this little baby. A hairdresser recommended it to me years ago and I have kept using it. That's real loyalty for me - I usually move on. I did from the hairdresser.

Anyway, you spray it on after you've washed and conditioned - not too much mind - and style as usual. In my case, leave wet as usual and wonder why it has annoying kinks in it.

It just helps 'lock' that colour in. It costs £15 and lasts ages. I wash my hair every other day. A can lasts me at least 6 months. I have thick hair - this probably isn't great for fine hair.


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