May I introduce you to Sandy and Danny?

I know you think I named this blog after the Grease characters. Not true. I named it after a lip gloss. Two lip glosses actually. Called Sandy and Danny. You can see why I had to have them.

They are made by a company I'd previously never heard of called Tarte. One shopping day in Manhattan, dear sister and I came across this line in Sephora and we were smitten. What actually happened is she ran over to me squealing 'Sue Ellen and JR! Look!' And a happy hour was spent going through every name. And there are some corkers: Wesley and Buttercup, Rhett and Scarlett, Bogey and Bacall, Ferris and Sloane, Baby and Johnny...

We were in heaven. So we bought a few. And she got me Sandy and Danny as a present. And it's still my fave one (and trust me, I have many 'couples'). I started a craze at work and anyone going to NY was instructed to bring back more.

So what's the gloss like? It's excellent - not too sticky but good staying power. But really, with names and packaging like this, who the hell cares?


MissDisco said…
Found you!
I still *heart* my 'couples too, I'm having a JR / Sue Ellen revival at the moment and of course, Baby ? Johnny is always an old fave.

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