Eight hour cream

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream is always mentioned in Beauty Editors top products. I used to read about it when I was a teenager and think it was the cure for all ills. That's how they talk about it. I was horrified when I realised it was more like vaseline than a cream. Never has a product been so badly named. I mean, seriously can you imagine putting it on your face like you would a cream? Maybe some women do that but it's gloopy.

Anyway, never one to be defeated by a cult product, I kept looking at it. I even bought the tinted lip balm (which broke) a few years ago - very average. This year I actually decided to buy the cream as there was a special offer on at the airport and I was about to get on a 12 hour flight (and beauty editors said it was good for flights!) It was an offer of 2 smaller tubes - cute handbag size. So, what to make of it?

It's the perfect lip balm. Makes your lips soft and shiny and keeps the chappiness (is that a word?) at bay. It's also a pretty good cuticle moisturiser. But I still can't imagine using it on my face. Maybe when I am 85.


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