Smooth and soft all over

Body lotions. Some people swear they make no difference, some people swear by them. I am in the swear by them camp. If I don't use body lotion, my skin becomes flaky and itchy. However, I can't stand the ones that make you feel damp for about 10 mins after applying.

I am currently using a Palmers Olive one (green bottle, can't find pic on the net) which I like quite alot. I do believe the Daddy of all body lotions is Lush Dream Cream however. It smells like absolute heaven, it is light yet very moisturising and it's simply yum. BUT, as always with Lush, the packaging lets it down. It comes in a big pot which means taking the lid off everytime you want to use. Call me lazy (and you wouldn't be wrong) but I just cannot be bothered with that. And then you have to dip your fingers in and it all gets under your nails. No, I like a pump dispenser. If Lush made it in a pump dispenser, I would be very happy. As it is, I rarely buy it.

Another good lotion is Korres. I have used the Lemon one (kinda odd scent but nice for summer), Lemon basil one (YUM!) and Fig (nice for winter, too much for summer).


MissDisco said…
I'm in the makes no difference camp, I don't use a body lotion and my skin seems fine. I'd rather have the extra few minutes in bed rather than slap the stuff on after a shower each morning!
On second thoughts .... I use one when I'm on a sun bathing holiday but that's because I've blasted my poor old skin with sun, sand and salt!
Cover Girl said…
Ahhhh, I use it in the evenings. Agreed, who has time in the morning?
MissDisco said…
I don't have time in the evenings either though!

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