Smelling like roses

My love affair with perfume knows no bounds. From Body Shop White Musk, YSL Rive Gauche, Dior Dune, Armani Elle (I think it was called that) through to Jo Malone. I have always loved perfume. And I am lucky in that most perfume smells nice on me so it means I can buy more of it. Right?
If you are not familiar with Jo Malone - may I suggest you acquaint yourself. Her perfumes are truly lovely and never fail to cheer me up. Red Roses is my favourite but I have about 10 bottles in total. Lime, Basil and Mandarin is her classic fresh scent and I've not met anyone who doesn't smell good in it.
So, I thought Jo Malone and me were set for a lifelong affair until one day last year when Cover Boy brought me home two bottles of perfume from this place:
Well! It was like entering another world. This is perfume for the serious perfume lover. It's not necessarily perfume to wear everyday but when you want to feel sexy or you want people to notice you, splash on this stuff and sally forth! Mimosa is my favourite but having been in the shop, I can safely say, most of them are divine. They are also very good with samples. I got my mum a bottle of perfume from here for Christmas and the woman gave me 5 samples of other perfumes.
I have over 20 bottles of perfume and I wear about 6 of them regularly. And yet, I still want more.


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