The great Lush debate

Ahhhh Lush. The great divider of opinion. The marmite, if you will, of beauty. People love it or scurry past the stinking shops in horror. Well, I used to be on the horror side and then I met Mr CoverGirl who claimed that it was fabulous and their soap and ballistics were second to none. I was slightly bemused to find a man with an appreciation of beauty products but anyone who takes their bathing seriously has my vote.

So I ventured into Lush to buy him presents (we had just met, I was keen) and discovered yes, it does smell overpowering but take those products home away from the others and they smell rather lovely. And Lush Times is quite a fun read when you have raging period pains in the middle of the night and need a distraction.

So began a love affair with Lush which lasted quite some time. I joined the forum, I was running to shops to try new products. It all got a bit obsessive. Unlike me I know. Then, just like that, I fell out of love. I think it was when they stopped most of their shower gels and started selling jellies. What The HELL? And they discontinued one too many of my favourites.So I had a Lush free life for some time. But I yearned for those magic years and the product I missed the most was Flying Saucer bubble bath slices. Some said they smelt like puke but I just smelt ylang ylang and honey. I loved them. Naturally they got discontinued.

Then Lush revamped their website and opened a Retro section. You could order old, favourite products from mail order. And Flying Saucers was there in shower gel format. And Freeze - the tingly, peppermint shower gel. So I ordered them. It's been heaven to have them back. Really, Lush do make great stuff, much better than The Body Shop. Just don't get their ballistics with bits in unless you enjoy cleaning the bath AFTER you've had one.


MissDisco said…
I don't really do baths so I never really got the bath slice / ballistic thing but I do love American Dream conditioner and Buffy the Backside slayer body scrub.
Thea said…

(and gags at the shop-stench)
Cover Girl said…
Oh Thea, I am sure I could convert you!

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