Bobbi Brown blusher

This was introduced to me by an OFL (Orange Faced Lady) at a Bobbi Brown counter. I went one lunchtime for a little looksie and ended up having a full makeover. As you do. I went back to the office most glam. Anyway, I am always on the look out for a good blusher and this is very good. It's great for making you look healthy without that obvious 'I have blusher on'. It's a cream blusher - I can't get on with powder blusher - I think because my skin is quite dry. And you hardly need any as it's so highly pigmented. It's excellent for those grey, sallow faced mornings - I think you know what I am talking about.

By the way, application of blusher is critical as OFL taught me. Most women put it on the wrong part of their cheeks. So smile and put it where your cheeks turn into apples and not too high. Makes all the difference. And another word of advice, get makeovers once a year. Bobbi Brown is excellent as is Space NK and NARs. It costs nothing (if you are able to resist buying all the fab stuff they use) and you get fresh ideas for make up. Some of my wonder products are direct results of makeovers.


I saw this on QVC, and massively coveted it. Combined with their 'cream compact' foundation (it's a foundation, but goes on with brush/sponge, like a powder), it looked awesome, really natural and dewy and everything.

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