Revlon Flex update

I just had a shower and washed my hair with the Flex stuff. Oh my, the scent transported me back and suddenly it was 1987 again and I was singing Kylie. Amazing how scent can do that. The other shampoo scent that I loved was Vidal Sassoon original almond shampoo scent - that was heavenly.

My hair is still wet but I think you can tell the success of a product from its rinseability and general foaming in the shower. I would say this was quite good. Maybe a 7/10. Not the 9/10 I would give Elvive but not bad. And, I did it a disservice yesterday - it was £1.09! How cheap is that?

Will report back further when it is dry. It promised to condition my hair yet make it shiny and bouncy. Yeah, right, that's what they all say.


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