The return of the Brazilian Blow Dry

Thanks to the joys of Wahenda, I had another Brazilian Blow Dry yesterday and only had to pay 30%  full price. It was a different salon to last time and altogether very different. It was at Lisa Shepherd in London which is a new salon although I was told she is big in the Midlands. She also appears to be famous for the TV show 10 Years Younger judging by the marketing everywhere.

The salon was very swish and seriously impressive. You are led to an area to wait for your stylist with the fanciest water machine and coffee maker I've ever seen. And a yellow Smeg fridge! I now want a yellow Smeg fridge. Excellent magazines too.

My stylist was from Dagenham. Really, do I attract stylists from the less glitzy areas of the world?! He was very young, bless him but seemed competent enough. They washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and left me for 10 minutes with it on my hair. Usually I hate being left with my head back over a sink but it was so comfortable and you even put your feet up. Then he painted on the keratin (no choice of flavours this time) and took me back to the waiting area for 30 mins while it did its thing. Here they have internet access on Apple laptops. Nice touch. So much more interesting than sitting in a chair.

Then he blow dried it roughly and straightened it to seal it all in. I am now in the 72 hour no wash/no tying back period. Fortunately I am not at work so nobody has to suffer me over the next few days. This is the worst bit.

My hair is longer than a year ago so I am hoping it will have the desired effect. I decided to try this again because my hair is getting long and hard to manage. This is its last chance saloon before being chopped into a bob. I'll report back of course. I must say that I would go back to Lisa Shepherd (and I promise you they didn't bribe me to say that!) They were all very polite and not snotty because I had a voucher (some places can be). The whole salon had a nice vibe.


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