The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

I bought some of this the other day while I was picking up a present for CoverBoy. It was half price so £5 and not £10. And I have to say, I am loving it. I have very dry hands that border on eczema and they are always bad at this time of the year. I slapped a bit of this on and instantly soft (yet crucially, not greasy) hands were mine. 

It has a huge design flaw though, the screw on top is small and fiddly and it is in a weird metal container - this going to make it much harder to squeeze it all out.  You'd think they could design a hand cream container a little better, it's not exactly difficult. Flip-top lid please L'Oreal, come on, you are not new to this.

Despite this drawback, I am going to recommend it because it really does work. It's still £5 this week and that makes it a real bargain too but I'd buy it for a tenner too. A perfect stocking filler.


Claire said…
I use this religiously. Top tip is to try to squeeze it out evenly - don't let one point in the tube get super-thin as the edges then crack and hand cream squishes out of the sharp cracked metal into your brand new handbag.
Cover Girl said…
Thanks for the tip! I never put handcream in my handbag so I'd be safe. ;o)
Jenni said…
Im asking Father Christmas for this in my stocking! That, and diamonds. x
Cover Girl said…
Jenni - all a girl could need.

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