Essie LuxEffects

I'm not normally one for glitter in my nail varnish, it's a faff to remove and I find it a bit teenage and not in a good way. However, a girl has the right to change her mind and oh me, oh my, Essie has a new glitter range out and I am lusting after this one. It's called Set in Stones and described as "disco mirror ball chaos". If that isn't made for me, what is?

You can wear it alone or over another colour. I'm thinking over Midnight Cami would be the Ultimate Christmas Manicure.

Am I right or am I right? The other Lux colours look pretty good too but none tempt me as much as Set in Stones. It's love and it must be mine.


Anonymous said…
Oooh! If you get one, can you pick one up for me?! I WANT that.
Cover Girl said…
I caved and ordered it online:
Anonymous said…
I think I may treat myself and do likewise. I want Christmassy nails!

I suspect I need more than one polish to make the postage worthwhile, though - don't you think?
Cover Girl said…
Yes you do (although the postage is free...) but you need more than one anyway. I also ordered Shine of the Times. These are to be layered so you need a new colour too...
Woah that Essie silver shade is just like nothing else. What a beaut!


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